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Shenda was established in 1994. Through continuous development for over 20 years, at present, it has become the unique “New Three Board” listed company within national small and middle sized company. It mainly produce and manufacture high quality lamps for the domestic purification and cleanroom industry. 

As a leading brand,it advocates operation principles of “high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection” . So far, the company is equipped with advanced equipment, exquisite craft, outstanding technological power, strong research and development capability and perfect detection equipment. The ceiling-type, embedded-type and independently developed LED series cleanroom lamps have been well sold all over the world. By virtue of outstanding product quality and high-quality after-sales services, the company has expanded domestic and foreign customer groups with different demands and won high praises and reputation. Our products are suitable for pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, food processing industry, electronic IT industry, hospitals and high-standard workshops and offices.

New situation, new market, Shenda staff will develop new products with new ideas, and create better future with new and regular customers, with commitments of high quality and excellent service, by adhering to the principle of win-win cooperation.

President: Tulin Zhang


Contact Us
Add:Spring road in Jiangsu province Wujiang economic and Technological Development Zone No.88
Tel:0512-63400278  Fax:63403961

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